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Washington State University


Name Title / Interests Contact information
Henry AdamsHenry Adams Associate Professor
Global change & physiological ecology of trees and plants; dryland ecohydroogy; forest responses to drought, fire & global change
WSU Pullman
Michael Berger Associate Professor (Career- Track)
Ecology, physiology, and larval biology of marine invertebrates; teaching innovations & pedagogy
WSU Vancouver
MarkBillingsMark Billings Lecturer WSU Pullman
Stephen Bollens Professor
Director – Multi-Campus Planning and Strategic Initiative
Aquatic ecology of phytoplankton, zooplankton, and fish in marine, estuarine, & freshwater ecosystems
WSU Vancouver
Landon Charlo Assistant Professor
Native American Food Systems; Indigenous Knowledge; Tribal Environmental Policy
WSU Pullman
Catherine Cooper Associate Professor
Geophysics and Geodynamics; Lithospheric creation and deformation; Plate tectonics/mantle convection
WSU Pullman
Alex Fremier Professor
Fluvial geomorphology; energy flow in food webs; resilience in water resource systems; microplastics in fish; riverine ecology
WSU Pullman
Caren Goldberg Associate Professor
eDNA; detection of rare species using environmental DNA; climate change, connectivity & landscape ecology of amphibian populations; conservation genetics & wildlife ecology
WSU Pullman
Johannes Haemmerli.Johannes Haemmerli Assistant Professor
Director – Peter Hooper GeoAnalytical Lab
Geochemistry: fluids in the crust; element mobility; metamorphic and magmatic processes; microanalysis of minerals.
WSU Pullman
John Harrison Professor
Global change & watershed biogeochemistry; global nutrient transport and effects; greenhouse gas emissions from reservoirs & lakes
WSU Vancouver
Stephen Henderson Associate Professor
Environmental hydrodynamics & physics of natural water flows, mixing, & sediment transport in lakes, estuaries & the coastal ocean
WSU Vancouver
Austin Himes Assistant Professor
Sustainable Forest Management Systems; silviculture, forest ecology, ecosystem services, environmental values
WSU Pullman
Anand (Ani) Jayakaran Professor & Extension Specialist
Green Stormwater Infrastructure & Ecological Engineering
Puyallup Research & Extension Center
Scott Jess Assistant Professor
landscape evolution, sediment transport in glacial systems, geochronology, thermochronology
WSU Pullman
Allyson Beall King Director, School of the Environment
Scholarly Associate Professor
System dynamics modeling; collaborative modeling: finding sustainable, consensus-based solutions to environmental problems
WSU Pullman
Marc Kramer Associate Professor
Climate interactions in the biosphere & pedosphere; carbon stabilization in soil & biogeochemical effects of winds on the earth’s surface
WSU Vancouver
Sean Long Associate Professor
Structural evolution of contractional & extensional mountain belts; field geology, geochronology, stratigraphy, thermochronology, & structural geology
WSU Pullman
Jeff Manning Assistant Professor
Quantitative wildlife ecology; wildlife habitat relationships / resource selection; behavioral & population ecology; threatened & endangered species conservation
WSU Pullman
Jenifer McIntyre Associate Professor
Toxic impacts of urban runoff & complex chemical mixtures on aquatic organisms; green infrastructure & aquatic toxicity in animals
Puyallup Research & Extension Center,
Arjan Meddens Assistant Professor
Global environmental change in terrestrial ecosystems; remote sensing of ecosystem dynamics; forest insects & wildfire impacts
WSU Pullman
Julie M. Menard Assistant Professor
Planetary science & geoscience education
WSU Pullman
Kevan MoffattKevan Moffett Associate Professor
Urban ecohydrology; intertidal ecohydrology & ecogeomorphology; post-wildfire ecohydrology
WSU Vancouver
Marcia Ostrom Professor
Agroecology & sustainable food systems; agricultural & food policy; environmental sociology
WSU Food Systems Program
Julie PadowskiJulie Padowski Research Associate Professor

Co-Director, Center for Environmental Research, Education, and Outreach (CEREO); water resources management & drinking water system resiliency; Washington water policy

WSU Pullman
Michael PelchMichael Pelch Teaching Associate Professor
Geoscience education & economic geology; STEM & geoscience student learning
WSU Pullman
Jennifer Phillips Assistant Professor
animal behavior, communication, human activity on wildlife
WSU Pullman
Malinda Ritts Lecturer
Earth systems science, paleoclimate, stable isotope biogeochemistry, sedimentology
WSU Pullman
Charles Robbins Professor
Nutritional requirements of bears; hibernation physiology; interactions between bears and people
WSU Pullman
Sarah Roley Associate Professor
Aquatic ecology & water quality in agricultural watersheds; nitrogen & phosphorus cycling
WSU Tri Cities
Gretchen Rollwagen-Bollens Associate Professor
Aquatic ecology & biological oceanography; community ecology of plankton; interdisciplinary studies in aquatic & political science & science education
WSU Vancouver
Rodney Sayler Associate Professor
Project Director – WSU Arboretum, Magpie Forest, Kramer Prairie
Conservation biology; endangered species; wildlife, wetland, and Palouse Prairie ecology
WSU Pullman
Lisa Shipley Professor
Associate Director of Graduate Studies
Foraging behavior; vertebrate nutrition and diet selection; herbivory; wildlife habitat ecology and management
WSU Pullman
Deepti Singh Assistant Professor
Climate change and extreme events (e.g., storms, drought, fire); climate impacts on agriculture, air quality, water & natural resources; climate impacts on vulnerable communities
WSU Vancouver
Amanda Stahl Lecturer
Conservation science & policy, remote sensing of ecosystem dynamics, spatial analysis to inform connectivity conservation, climate adaptation
WSU Pullman
Michelle M. Steen-AdamsMichelle M. Steen-Adams Research Associate & Lecturer
Forest & environmental history; environmental governance; tribal forest management; landscape ecology; coupled human & natural systems
WSU Vancouver
Raymond Takashi Swenson Lecturer
Environmental Policy and Law, Hazardous Waste Management,
Environmental Assessment
WSU Vancouver
Daniel Thornton Associate Professor
Carnivore ecology & conservation; landscape & spatial ecology of wildlife; impacts of land use, connectivity & climate change on distribution dynamics
WSU Pullman
Jeffrey Vervoort.Jeff Vervoort Professor
Radiogenic Isotope Geochemistry and Geochronology
WSU Pullman
Barry WalkerBarry Walker Lecturer
Introductory Geology, Oceanography, Earth History and Evolution, Global Campus
WSU Vancouver
Kara Whitman Associate Director for Undergraduate Programs SoE
Scholarly Associate Professor
Education strategies to improve scientific literacy in environmental & natural resources; collaborative public environmental policy
WSU Pullman
Dr. Steven WoodleySteven Woodley Lecturer
Community ecology; plant-insect
interactions; invasion ecology;
restoration ecology; and
wildlife ecology
WSU Pullman