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Washington State University

Emeritus Faculty

David Baumgartner

Emeritus Professor
WSU Pullman

Keith Blatner

Director Grizzly Bear Research, Education and Conservation Center
Professor Emeritus
WSU Pullman
Heald 402

  • The analysis of markets for timber and non-timber forest products under existing and potential future environmental, social and political constraints.
  • The changing role of non-industrial private forest landowners in the forest products sector of the Pacific Northwest and the application of collaborative learning as a mechanism for fostering more effective public involvement in the management of public forest lands.

Willliam W. Budd

Emeritus Professor
WSU Pullman

  • Human ecological planning
  • Environmental policy and planning
  • Impact assessment and sustainability analysis
  • Study of sustainable communities

Roger Chapman

Emeritus Professor
WSU Pullman

Franklin Foit

Emeritus Professor
WSU Pullman

Frederick Ford

Emeritus Professor
WSU Pullman

David Gaylord

Emeritus Professor
WSU Pullman

  • Clastic sedimentology
  • Reconstructing Quaternary paleoclimates using eolian and related deposits
  • Volcaniclastic successions and volcanic hazards assessment
Linda Hardesty

Linda Hardesty

Emeritus Professor
WSU Pullman

  • The long term ecological impacts of cattle grazing on forested ranges of the interior northwest.
  • Developing methods for control of the invasive grass Phalaris arundinacea in northwest wetlands.
James R. (Dick) Pratt

James R (Dick) Pratt

Professor Emeritus

  • Freshwater microbial ecology
  • Aquatic toxicology
  • Restoration of aquatic ecosystems

Anthony John Watkinson

Professor Emeritus
WSU Pullman


Gary D. Webster

Emeritus Professor
(509) 335-4369
WSU Pullman
Webster 1152

  • Late Paleozoic stratigraphy and  biostratigraphy
  • Invertebrate Paleontology
  • Specialize in Devonian – Permian crinoids,
  • Systematics and paleogeography
  • Compiler of Bibliography and Index of Paleozoic crinoids
  • Webster Resume

Ben Zamora

Emeritus Associate Professor
WSU Pullman
Troy 322

  • Properties, distribution, and environmental relationships of terrestrial ecosystems
  • Fire ecology
  • Palouse Prairie restoration