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Washington State University

Connecting Earth and Life

The School of the Environment advances the Earth, Environmental, and Geosciences to better understand global ecology, ecosystem science, and the future sustainability of both the natural and human-built world.

Washington State University provides you with the technical knowledge, skills, and hands-on experience needed to succeed in your chosen environmental career and help you make a difference in the real world. 

Explore undergraduate majors, graduate research opportunities, and rewarding careers.

Work alongside leading scientists and educators studying ecology, conservation science, climate change, and the geology and dynamics of Earth system processes.

Launch your career with the education, practical experience, and field training you need through our job, internship, and research programs.

Learn & Work Outdoors




Photo Credits: Santiaguito eruption 2007 – by Professor Nick Varley, Facultade de Ciencias, University of Colima, Mexico. Juvenile red-tailed hawk – by Tom Koerner/U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Public Domain. Anna’s hummingbird – by Becky Matsubara (CC BY 2.0). Stand of mature aspen trees on Boulder Mountain in Utah – by Martin Venturas, University of Utah.