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Regional Geology Field Guides

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The Geology Program in the School of Earth & Environmental Sciences (SEES) has provided the following professional-level field guides (1976 GSA Cordillean Meeting-Pullman, WA) available for download (Adobe Acrobat files).

From land to lake: Basalt and rhyolite volcanism in the western Snake River Plain, Idaho
by Bill Bonnichsen, Scott Boroughs, Martha Godchaux, and John Wolff


The Columbia River Basalt Group of western Idaho and eastern Washington — Dikes, vents, flows, and tectonics along the eastern margin of the flood basalt province
by Stephen P. Reidel, Victor E. Camp, Barton S. Martin, Terry L. Tolan, and John A. Wolff


Guide to Field Trip Between Pasco and Pullman, Washington (pdf) Emphasizing Stratigraphy, Vent Areas, and Intracanyon Flows of Yakima Basalt
By Donald A. Swanson and Thomas L. Wright.


Hydrology and Engineering Geology of the Columbia Basin (pdf)
By Donald J. Brown, Gary T. Lobdell and George E. Neff.


The Idaho Batholith and Related Subduction Complex (pdf)
By Donald W. Hyndman and James L. Talbot.

Two recent and introductory-level field trip guides are also available. They are:

  • Floods of Lava and Ice Water (pdf): A field trip from Pullman to Colfax, Dusty, Washtucna, Palouse Falls, Starbuck, Alpowa Point, Chief Timothy Park, and return to Pullman.
    See the geological processes in the surrounding area.
  • Opals to Mountain Tops (pdf): A field trip showing geological processes within Pullman, Kamiak Butte, Palouse, Colfax, Steptoe Butte, St. John, and Rock Lake.