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Washington State University

Stephen Katz

Stephen Katz.

Associate Professor
WSU Pullman


  • Statistical modelling of multivariate time series. We are currently developing new multivariate statistical tools for the analysis of ecological communities that reveal quantitative measures of the interactions of creatures with each other and their environment, and also quantitative measures of overall ecosystem stability in the face of perturbations such as management actions or climate variability.
  • Conceptual Modelling of the FEW Nexus. We are beginning a new, NSF-funded program in applied epistemology and conceptual analysis examining the dynamics, trade-offs and stability at the Nexus of Food, Energy and Water systems in the Columbia River Basin as part of a larger collaboration on resilience in the provisioning capacity of the Pacific Northwest.
  • Habitat Restoration in the Pacific Northwest. We continue a decades-long project to evaluate large-scale decision making in habitat management across the Pacific Northwest using applied semantics and ecoinformatics to ask questions such as “are we being efficient or effective with the billions of dollars spent on habitat restoration in the last 20 years?”
  • Local-scale climate variability impacts. We are continuing projects that use data confederation methods to evaluate how short-term climate variability affects local regional eco-systems and human-natural coupled systems, such as how the changing frequency of extreme events may have affected regional fisheries and other maritime activity?
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