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The GeoAnalytical Lab offers:

X-ray Fluorescence Analysis

ThermoARL Advant’XP+ automated sequential wavelength spectrometer measures 29 major and trace elements (Si, Al, Ti, Fe, Mn, Ca, Mg, K, Na, P, Sc, V, Ni, Cr, Ba, Sr, Zr, Y, Rb, Nb, Ga, Cu, Zn, Pb, La, Ce, Th, Nd, U).

Dr. Ashley Steiner
Phone: 509-335-6770

ICP-MS Analysis

Agilent 7700 inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer measures 27 elements (14 REEs & Ba, Th, Nb, Y, Hf, Ta, U, Pb, Rb, Cs, Sr, Sc, Zr) on bulk rocks or minerals.

Dr. Arron Steiner
Phone: 509-335-1626

Charles Knaack
Phone: 509-335-6742

Electron Microbeam Analysis

JEOL JXA-8500F field emission electron microprobe can image and analyze the chemical composition of most solid materials at spatial resolutions down to sub-micron scales.

Dr. Scott Boroughs
Phone: 509-335-1626

PNW Tephra Identification

Electron microprobe analysis of glass shards and comparison with existing database.

Dr. Scott Boroughs
Phone: 509-335-1626

Meteorite Inquiries

We do not identify meteorites. For further assistance please see the web page of Prof. Randy Korotev at this link:

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