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Washington State University

School of the Environment Class of 2021

In honor of all of our graduating Seniors and Graduate Students we look forward to sharing your next steps and or words of wisdom for those following in your footsteps! Please send a picture and a few lines about your plans to Allyson Beall King Scroll down for a complete list of the SOE Class of 2021!

Regan Del Rosario

After graduation I will be working for First Carbon Solutions Inc. as an Environmental Services Analyst!

Josie Sellers

I am moving to Seattle and hoping to get my career started there. I plan to apply for graduate school a year or two down the road to further my studies on climate policy and environmental sustainability. My career interests include environmental sciences, environmental/climate policy, and environmental education and outreach.

Lillian Zachary

I’ll be starting vet school at the Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine this fall, and I couldn’t be more excited. I’m happy to say that my time as a Coug does not end with the culmination of my undergraduate degree.
Tessa Czech.

Tessa Czech

I am so excited to be attending the University of Utah in the fall pursuing a PhD in Seismology studying Yellowstone volcanic structure and hazards. Go Cougs!

Emma Hall

I am excited to begin my career in Forestry with American Forest Management, Inc. in Spokane.

Shaelyn Campbell

I will be working as an Education Program Assistant at Northwest Trek in Eatonville, WA this summer. While I’m sad my journey as a cougar has ended, I am excited to start working! I’m passionate about conservation and education outreach. Thank you to everyone who has helped me along my college journey. In the words of the Scottish farewell: “So, fill to me the parting glass. Good night and joy be with you all.”

Holly Smith

I already have a job with Idaho Fish and Game in Lewiston as a fishery technician, however I plan on taking a year off before pursuing my masters and getting more field experience. Don’t be afraid to reach out to agencies while in school to get experience, they are great about working around your class schedule!

Sarah King

After graduation I will be working for the Conservation Corps in the Grand Canyon. My advice for anyone would be to take every opportunity you can. You only get this life and the college experience once so live it to the fullest!

Dennis Hill

Following graduation, I will be moving to Salt Lake City to plant a new church on the campus of the University of Utah with Resonate Church. I am excited to be a part of building a faith-based community for students!

Dominik Vlaha

I am excited to be attending the University of Nevada, Reno in the fall pursuing a M.S. degree in the Department of Geological Sciences and Engineering. My research will focus on Structural geology and tectonics!

Alyssa Arnquist

My four years at WSU have taught me so much about myself and the world. Thank you to everyone who made it such a memorable experience! After interning this summer, I will hopefully be on my way to travel the world!! GO COUGS!

Kelsey Barrett

After graduation I will be joining Environmental Resource Management as an Environmental Consultant in Seattle, WA! Go Cougs!!

Callen Mackey

I could not have imagined studying at a better university. Thank you to everyone who supported me through it all! Go Cougs!

Agne Babarskaite

So many at WSU Vancouver have provided me support and opportunity and I will forever be grateful to those who have helped me thrive and achieve this milestone. In no way has this journey been easy, but I know that all the struggles and hardship were worth it. I chose to pursue a field I am passionate about, hope to continue working in research, and plan to pursue a graduate program in the future. Do what you love and love what you do.

Andy Marcinko

After graduation, I will be working for Global Diving and Salvage in Seattle as a Marine Environmental Technician. I’m excited to be working on oil spill response to help keep hazardous materials out of Puget Sound and keep it clean. Go Cougs!

Crystal Mathey

I look forward to bringing the knowledge I gained through my graduate studies to my current position at WA State Dept. of Health in Environmental Public Health, Radiation Protection. I am so thankful for WSU and all my professors as many valuable opportunities to learn and grow were provided. To those following this path, I wish you great success along this excellent and important academic journey. Go Cougs!

Kelsey Gump

I’ll be heading east to Richmond, VA to pursue a career in conservation and restoration ecology within the Chesapeake Bay watershed! To future Cougs: find your niche, set down some roots, and challenge yourself to grow. WSU will provide many opportunities to learn more about yourself, your community, and the impact you’d like to have on the world – get involved and don’t miss out!

Earth and Environmental Sciences BS

Environmental and Ecosystem Sciences Pullman

Sydney Almgren
Kelsey Barrett
Caroline Bertolli
Rachel Bige
Blake Cheshier
Regan Del Rosario
Evangeline Donnelson
Adriana Dotta
Sean Evangelista
Addie Garcia Amos
Shelby Griffin
Dylan Koopmans
Nolan Luedke
Callen Mackey
Jeremy Madden
Andrew Marcinko
Junko Matsui
Patrick McCornack
Brooke Nichols
Tung Ho Ning
Noah Ray
Meagann Russell
Joselyn Sellers
Michaela Stamatoplos
Isabella Warren
Hazel Wilburn
Mackenzey Wilson

Environmental and Ecosystem Sciences  TriCities

Karina Alvarez
Amanda Audi
Nicole Boggs
Madeline Spets
Nathan Wood

Environmental and Ecosystem Sciences Vancouver

Agne Babarskaite
Erin Baker
Kayla Brummel
Daniel Dulo
Abigail Harner
Emily Hogan
Colby Lockard
Mariah Marti
Dylan Oliver
Britta Plumhoff
Austin Sears

Earth Sciences Pullman

Theresa (Tessa) Czech
Simon Nelson
Taner Schiller
Dominik Vlaha

Forestry Pullman

Anthony Garcia
Emma Hall
Dennis (Jack) Hill
Levi McIntyre
Jeff Sein

Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Sciences Pullman

Alyssa Arnquist
Morgan Bolling
Summer Calderon
Shaelyn Campbell
Elaura Dawson
Xitlali Herrera
Jessica Jimenez Trujillo
Danielle Keerbs
Christina Kiepe
Amanda Krieger
Rebecca LaMotte
Kennedy Langohr
Taylor Leback
Levi Litowitz
Sarah King
Ariel Medeiros
Gabrielle Mickelson
Rachel Murray
Cailin O’Malley
Meaghan Palmer
Erin Rath
Sydney Shull
Ben Sivanish
Holly Smith
Olivia Smith
Jamelah Stephens
Lillian Zachary

Full list of Graduate Students coming soon!

Environmental and Natural Resource Sciences PhD

Jennifer Johnson
Judith Ann Wait

Geology PhD

Jesslyn Starnes

Environmental Sciences MS

Michelle Audie
Kelsey Gump
Jade Jacobs
Bradley Luff
Crystal Mathey
Kathryn Sweeney

Geology MS

Shannon Conner
Olivia Hecimovich
Claire Puleio