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Palouse Prairie Bird Report – Spring 2024

Posted by rdsayler | June 23, 2024
American Redstart
[American Redstart (Setophaga ruticilla). Credit: Dennis Jarvis. CC BY-SA 2.0]


Bioacoustic Studies of Birds in Palouse Prairie

The field of bioacoustics is revolutionizing the study of wildlife ecology by using microphones and recorders to listen to and analyze the sounds of Nature, thereby allowing animals to be monitored remotely with minimal disturbance.

When paired with artificial intelligence and advanced machine-learning analytical techniques, bioacoustics allows scientists to more readily identify species and study aspects of their communication, behavior, and the ecological factors influencing their population status and distributions.

Citizen Science & Bird Studies

Many people are being drawn into studies of Nature by using smartphone apps for automated insect and plant identification while others are expanding their interests in birds because of the popularity of using bird identification programs such as Merlin.

In this way, citizen scientists can easily participate in research by generating data that helps provide information on distribution and abundance of plants and animals.

Here in the WSU School of the Environment, we are using bioacoustic research to study bird communities living in Palouse Prairie in both human-dominated habitats, such as cities, as well as those in natural and restored areas of grasslands, woodlands, wetlands, river corridors, etc..

To see some of the results of our bird studies in Palouse Prairie, you welcome to download the following short newsletters (pdf format).

Newsletter Cover Palouse Prairie Bird Report May 2024

Palouse Prairie Bird Report – May 2024
Cover Photo Palouse Prairie Bird Report April 2024
Palouse Prairie Bird Report – April 2024

Dr. Rod Sayler
WSU School of the Environment

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