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Video: Pygmy Rabbit Research

Posted by rdsayler | August 10, 2023
Columbia Basin Pygmy Rabbit
[Photo: Columbia Basin pygmy rabbit being released during a reintroduction effort in Washington State. By R. Sayler.]


Video: Pygmy Rabbit Research

This summer, KCTS 9, a local affiliate of PBS, highlighted some of the research being conducted on pygmy rabbits (Brachylagus idahoensis) by Dr. Lisa Shipley, Professor, WSU School of the Environment, and her colleague, Dr. Janet Rachlow, Dept. Head, Fish and Wildlife Sciences, Univ. of Idaho.

The video is Episode 8 in the series, This American Land. The segment on pygmy rabbit research begins at about the 21:45 point in the program and once the video starts, you may scroll ahead to this point in the program to watch this part of the video.

See Video: PBS, KCTS 9: This American Land (Episode 8; start at the 21:45 mark) 

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