School of the Environment

Undergraduate Studies


Academic Programs

The School of the Environment (SoE) focuses on the study of the earth, the environment, natural resources, wildlife ecology and the role of humans in modifying earth and environmental systems.

Offered Majors (Degree Programs):


          Minor Programs include:

          • Environmental Science
          • Geology
          • Natural Resource Science
          • Rangeland Ecology and Management
          • Wildlife
          • Forestry

                    General Graduation Requirements:

                    The Bachelor of Science degrees in both Earth Science and Environmental Science require a total of more than 120 semester credits with a minimum of 40 semester hours of credit in 300-400 level course work with 2.0 minimum GPA overall and in the major. Chemistry and calculus are most important and serve as prerequisites for some of our upper-level undergraduate courses. A B.S. in Natural Resource Sciences gives students the option to select and pursue one or more majors. All students pursuing the B.S. in Natural Resource Sciences will take a common array of foundational courses in biological, physical and social sciences, mathematics, communications and arts/humanities. As well as the common core courses once these are completed more specific educational depth is provided by required upper-division coursework designated to each major.

                    The university has also set minimum requirements called General Education Requirements (GER's) in the areas of World Civilizations, Communication Proficiency, Math Proficiency, Arts & Humanities, Intercultural Studies, American Diversity, Social Sciences, Sciences, Writing Portfolio/Qualifying Exam, and Capstone Course. Students should consult their advisors for the appropriate sequencing of courses, as well as for the selection of electives that best suit their needs and interests.

                    Transfer Students:

                    Students planning to transfer to Washington State University should take courses that will meet the 100 and 200 level course requirements in Chemistry and Mathematics, English, Speech and GER's in the natural and Social Sciences. Refer to the Community College Transfer Guide for information about transfer credit either by contacting the Admissions Office at (509) 335-5586 for a copy or by visiting the Admissions website.

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