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Washington State University

School of the Environment Class of 2020

In honor of all of our graduating Seniors and Graduate Students we look forward to sharing your next steps and or words of wisdom for those following in your footsteps! Please send a picture and a few lines about your plans to Allyson Beall King Scroll down for a complete list of the SOE Class of 2020!

Becky Smoak

I’m attending Oregon State University in the Fall to study Marine Resource Management in the College of Earth, Atmosphere, and Ocean Science!

Chelsey Pacanins

Washington State University Vancouver. Last year, I accepted an intern position at Lower Columbia Fish Enhancement Group. I’m grateful to have applied, it ended up being the best decision for my future career. I’ve been their student intern since May, taking care of our native plant nurseries, plant-care in the field, and assisting two of our project managers during construction season. After graduation, I will begin a full-time position as Stewardship Coordinator with LCFEG. I will continue taking care of our nurseries, along with creating planting designs, volunteer events and developing an educational outreach program for high school students in southwest Washington.

Shawn Preston

I will be attending San Jose State University in the Fall to study Geology with a specialization in plate tectonics and geological hazard! WSU-Vancouver allowed me to dive into research and find that it is something that I am passionate about. If you find any opportunities you see that you would like on campus, go for them!

Hilary Zuniga

Washington State University is where you will find out the type of person you are and the kind of person that you want to be if you are open to all the experiences that come with it. I hope to leave a piece of advice to those after me to go into every class, conversation, and event with a receptive mind and a heart willing to listen. This world is full of so many amazing people and so many difficult situations and circumstances and being aware of all that is out there are the lessons you will get beyond your textbooks and lectures. Also, be sure to ALWAYS introduce yourself to EVERY professor. They are who will uplift you in every way that you allow them, even if they are not in your major. Because even if it sounds cheesy- WSU is a place where the faculty are incredibly dedicated to their students.

Eli Loftis

Please view my video!

Red Groves

I am very excited to start this next chapter of my life as I have accepted a job in Spokane at GN Northern a Geotechnical Engineering and Environmental Consulting firm. I’m incredibly grateful for my wonderful time and every memory I made at Washington State University. I cannot thank the School of the Environment enough for such a great education, giving me the skill set to start my career and valuable life lessons I will forever hold on too. Once again I cannot underemphasize the appreciation I’ve had these past 4 years at WSU and from its community, I am forever grateful to have been a coug. And as always Go Cougs!

Brenden Campbell

It’s hard to ever really know where you are going. As my undergraduate career at WSU Pullman comes to a close, I will be pursuing a master’s in Environmental Science with WSU. Even though a chapter of my life is closing it does not really feel as such. I will be able to continue on in a place many of my friends will be leaving and a place where many of my friends are staying. Graduate school will bring new challenges, experiences, and excitement all to a place I know very well. Four years ago, if you were to ask me what I’d be doing after college, my response would have been one of two things: 1. working for an insect-based food company or 2. growing insects. It turns out I am going to be doing both. I co-founded a company called Planet Bugs, LLC, which covers 1 and 2. The research I am hoping to continue will be related to 2, and how Styrofoam plays a role in all of this. I spent the last year of my undergraduate looking at Styrofoam consumption by mealworms, and my graduate studies will continue this work. There is already so much advice out there in regards to starting college or in life beyond. The only piece I can offer from my own experience is to trust yourself. Trust that you will make the right decision for you. Trust that you will be alright. Trust that the mistakes you make are for a reason. Trust yourself and others will trust you. High school is about finding out who you are, college is about finding out who you are, and life is about finding out who you are. Trust in yourself to find out who you are.

Kaelynne Byers

We in the SOE, have collectively learned that the ability to rapidly adapt is crucial. Whether that be due to large scale environmental factors, or small changes that occur in every day life. This final semester really put us to the test on our adaptability. I hope all of the 2020 graduates, take a moment to look back and just be proud of all of our accomplishments. We made it! Thank you to all who played part in preparing us for this next journey. Now, let’s go save the world, and always Go Cougs.

Earth and Environmental Sciences BS

Environmental and Ecosystem Sciences Pullman

Emily Arndt
Ian Barnes
Madeleine Bingham
Kaelynne Byers
Brenden Campbell
Shawn Carmignani
Joseph Groves
Emily Helenhouse
Brendan Kendrick
Marcus Mcclung
Tyler Opp
Anna Pigott
Tabitha Reynolds
Elisabeth Samoray
Lindsey Schnelle
Jonah Watts
Hilary Zuniga

Environmental and Ecosystem Sciences  TriCities

Bailey Hardy
Kobe Schrank
Samantha VandeBerg

Environmental and Ecosystem Sciences Vancouver

Aaron Bristow
Cora Cuti
Antonio Del Fierro
Laura Gaultier
Amanda Gillen
Mary-Fe Gipe
Lindsey Goldsby
Shane Hasart
Sara Hastings
Mallory Hymas
Alyxandra James
Martin Kearns
Emily Lane
Chelsey Pacanins
Shawn Preston
Inna VanMatre

Earth Sciences Pullman

Zabrina Bonilla
Andrew Constantino
Michael Frizalone
Austyn Gentry
Keita Hasegawa
Colin Hill
Steffon Kendrick

Forestry Pullman

Jakob Anderson
Julia Behling
Christopher Essary
John Hartland
Joshua Johnson
Keith Penn
Christaldo Rodriguez

Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Sciences Pullman

Katherine Aiello
Raelinda Boughton
Cassandra Caldier
Samuel Cleary
Maddison Folwell
Joshua Johnson
Eli Loftis
Kaylie Matthews
Nicholas Meboe
Cameron Nix
Elizabeth Odell
Luisa Ramirez
Kaitlyn Roebuck
Rebecca Smoak
Mackenzie Soiseth
Dorothy Tabares
Jonathon Turner
Julie-Anne Wright
Keenan Wright

Environmental and Natural Resource Sciences PhD

Allison N Cramer, Pullman
Joy Anne Erlenbach, Pullman
Brian Patrick Lanouette, Pullman
John August Jorgensen, Pullman
Aaron Christopher Pelly, Vancouver
Vanessa Jane Rose, Vancouver
Amanda T Stahl, Pullman
Judith Ann Wait, Pullman

Geology PhD

Klarissa Nicole Davis, Tri Cities
Russell Vincent Di Fiori, Pullman

Environmental Sciences MS

Nancy Maria Avalos, Tri Cities
Erica A.H. Bakker, Tri Cities
Samantha R Grieger, Pullman
Summer J Henricksen, Pullman
Summer Rose Ann Lockhart, Pullman
Michelle Marie Peziol, Pullman
Scott C Tomren, Tri Cities
Cody C Williams, Pullman

Natural Resources MS

Sean Alexander, Pullman
Deborah Suzanne Monzingo, Pullman
Anna R Staudenmaier, Pullman