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Message from Forest Ecology and Management Lead

A message from the FEM program leader

If you love the outdoors and are looking for a job that will challenge you physically and intellectually, then a degree in Forest Ecology and Management could be your trail to an exciting future!  And why not study at a university in one of the premiere forested states in the nation?  Our location provides opportunities to study forests and their management in diverse settings, from ponderosa pine woodlands to deep forests of towering Douglas-fir and western white pine.  I encourage you to explore the many challenges and opportunities that await you as a forestry professional, including:

  • Restoring fire-prone ponderosa pine forests across the West to a fire- and climate-resilient condition
  • Managing productive commercial timberlands of Douglas-fir and other quick-growing, high-value species.
  • Creating, maintaining, or restoring habitat for diverse wildlife, ranging from smallest songbird to a stately bull elk
  • Using the tools of economics and policy to create solutions to contemporary management challenges

The faculty and staff of the School of the Environment are proud to offer a strong course of study for today’s forestry professional, from the fundamentals of identifying forest trees and other vegetation and measuring the forest resource, to the advanced disciplines of forest ecology, silviculture, resource sociology, and conservation biology.  My colleagues and I are ready to help you begin your adventure in this challenging and rewarding profession!

See you in the woods!

Mark E. Swanson

Program Leader, Forest Ecology and Management

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