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Irrigation Specialist – HAAS

Posted by Sophia.hutton | June 20, 2019

Irrigation Specialist

The person in this position is responsible to support farm irrigation and fertigation programs, soil moisture monitoring, and supervise assigned crews. From our farm fields to the glass, everything we do is to help brew great beer. This position is designed to help maximize the production of our farms.

Essential functions/majority of time spent on:
• Coordinate watering and fertigation schedules
• Integrate soil moisture monitoring, and current irrigation information to develop effective crop need-based irrigation methods
• Implement electronic water flow monitoring, timer based and/or radio valve controls
• Develop and maintain accurate electronic record-keeping
• Manage irrigation stations, suggest improvements to infrastructure, and lead implementation of improvements
Requirements/conditions of employment:
• Must be able to pass a background check and preemployment drug screen.
• Must be able to work the scheduled 40 hours workweek with overtime during the growing season.
• Ability to work independently and as an effective team member.
• Reputation for acting with integrity, innovation, passion, customer service, and teamwork.
• Current chemical application license, current first aid/CPR card and valid driver’s license
• Bilingual English/Spanish

Preferred qualifications:
• Associates degree or higher irrigation management and/or agronomy, or equivalent
• 2+ years fertigation/irrigation experience with drip system management
• Experience with irrigation management systems and software
• Able to supervise multiple work crews simultaneously
• Able to train employees in all phases of irrigation and fertigation of crops

for more information and to learn about additional career opportunities please visit:

Washington State University