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Washington State University

Earth Law Center Internships

Posted by abeall | February 15, 2018
This summer I was privileged to work with ELC as an intern. The flexible schedule and location were a perfect fit for me, and I was excited to work for an organization that shares my values. I didn’t know a ton about earth law before finding this opportunity, but I quickly learned that I believe whole-heartedly in the work ELC is doing. The internship was non-traditional in the sense that all of my work was conducted online, but I still gained valuable experience and connections that will be extremely helpful once I start my job search. I would strongly recommend this internship.
Audrey Grant, Research & Writing Associate, Earth Law Center (summer 2017)
Despite decades of environmental legislation, the health of our planet continues to decline. To better address the pressing environmental challenges of today, Earth Law – an emerging form of governance — provides legal rights to nature and gives a stronger voice to local communities and indigenous groups in decisions that impact the environment.
Within this movement, Earth Law Center (ELC) is a 501c3 non-profit works to transform the law to recognize and protect nature’s inherent rights to exist, thrive and evolve. This work strengthens current environmental protection efforts and takes the form of new laws, ordinances and governance plans.
ELC is seeking internships for students to gain experience in this innovative field, in a rapidly growing organization and with a growing internal team and external partner network.
  • Online research for ocean and river initiatives
  • Option to write blogs if interested
  • This role will be remote (if student is based in New York, Denver or Spokane, face to face meetings with ELC staff possible)
  • Prefer 15-20 hours a week for duration of the internship
  • Every effort will be made to accomodate student preferences for projects and areas
  • ELC will provide a signed letter/form to confirm task completion and any evaluations needed by the school
Interested candidates should send a cover letter describing their experience and how it applies to this position and a resume to Darlene Lee at